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On the 3rd Day of Christmas

On the 3rd day of Christmas A Tale of Two K Teachers gave to me

What a great way to tie in the Winter Olympics and Ordinal numbers.  Click the image above to hop over to my TpT store and grab this freebie! Let me know what you think by leaving feedback :)

I also have a giveaway at the bottom of this post to win my License to Chill {Winter} Math & Literacy Stations

But before you go enter check out my answers to our 12 Holiday questions and get to know me a little bit better. :)

1. What's your favorite Holiday song?

Carol of the Bells - So something you don't know about me...I was in chorus from 7th-12th grade.

The Christmas concert was by far my favorite concert.  All the alumni would come back and Carol of the Bells was just my favorite one! I still get chills when I watch Home Alone and I hear it

2. What's your favorite holiday memory?

When I was a little girl my parents got me a mini tree that I had in my room.  It was about a foot tall and I decorated it with little wooden ornaments that I got from an advent calendar.  I always had the hardest time falling asleep - who didn't?!? Well in my house when we woke up we weren't allowed to touch anything until everyone was awake. But Santa ALWAYS left me one small gift under MY tree that I could open right away. 
3. What's your favorite holiday indulgence?

My aunt used to make this eggnog every year around Christmas. I like eggnog but it's soooo rich that I could never have more than a half a glass.  Well this was special eggnog and it was just as rich - with BOURBON!!! She would make it and put it in the freezer and there was so much alcohol in it that it wouldn't freeze! I still couldn't have more than a glass...but for different would knock you on your butt! :-)

4. What's your favorite holiday food?

I love food and I can't pick A favorite.  So instead I'll share my traditional Christmas dinner.: Prime Rib, green bean casserole, yorkshire pudding (it's not pudding like my husband thought - it's a bread and it's delicious) and twice baked potatoes (from my husbands side of the family.)

5. What's your favorite holiday craft?

This is a cute reindeer that we make using our hands.  This was my example - the ones that the kids make are WAY cuter! :)

6. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

The hunt for the last gift!

When we (my brother and I) were kids/teenagers we always had that ONE gift that we really wanted - Nintendo, leather jacket - don't judge me! We would wake up, open our presents and that BIG gift we wanted was never there.  We would begin to put away our toys and clothes and mom would start to cook.  We would TRY really hard not to be sad.  And every year we would get upstairs and we would hear, "what's that...there's one more gift!" We would race downstairs and there would be a clue.  There was always a theme, Men in Black, Lord of the Rings, South Park (random I know.) So my brother and I would have to follow the clues (from a video that I'm pretty sure my parents made the night before while drinking heavily) and at the end of the hunt we always found our gift! It is a wonderful tradition that I can't wait to do with my kids...once they are a little older of course! :)

7. What's your favorite holiday movie?

The Elf on the Shelf! My daughter has made me watch this 100 times already this year and I love it.  The music is so cute and I just love that my daughter really feels bad for Chippy when he loses his magic!

8. What do you get your class for a holiday gift?

I always get my kids these personalized pencils from For Teacher's Only:

This year I also used some of my Scholastic points to order Mooseltoe:

9. What's your favorite holiday thing to teach?

I really love teaching ALL the different holidays.  We have a very diverse community and while most of the kids celebrate Christmas some don't.  It's great to learn about the other holidays and traditions that the students celebrate.  We do a family project in December and send home a blank white piece of paper and the kids get to decorate it with their family traditions and then share. We hang them up in the hall for all to see.

10. What's your favorite holiday book?

11. What's your favorite holiday product?

This is my Holidays Around the World packet with posters and printables about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Ramadan, St. Lucia, and Las Posadas.

12. What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

I already have it! My husband, our two kids, my mom, my brother, and my in-laws are all headed to Disney World the day after Christmas for 10 days! The best part is we have a long Christmas break this year and I don't have to make any sub plans!  Can't wait to go see Minnie and Mickey!

And now for the giveaway...enter below for a chance to win my License to Chill {Winter Themed} Math and Literacy Stations for K-1

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If you haven't checked out the previous freebies and entered the giveaways make sure you go check them out by clicking the images below:

Don't forget to come back on day 14 for a chance to win EVERYTHING!

Happy Holidays!

Christina Mauro


  1. I love decorating my tree with all the decorations I have collected from places all around the world. Brings back fond memories of my travels and the places I have visited! :)

  2. I love decorating my tree with my childrens and listening songs like white christmas or silent night. Teresa

  3. My favorite Christmas song is "Silent Night".
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  4. We make apple cider w/ hint of cinnamon in a crock pot in my class every Friday in December. Kids LOVE it! wendy 1stgradefireworks

  5. I love buying a Christmas ornament for each of my kids each year. I try to pick an ornament that matches their interest or personality for that year.

  6. I love picking out our family ornament each year. We get one with all our names and our pets names each year. It's neat to see how our family has grown through the years :)

  7. Some of my favorite Christmas memories are the years that we take our granddaughter to Nashville, TN and stay n the Opryland Hotel. It is to beautiful, and it's our special time with Colette.

  8. My favorite Christmas carol is Silver Bells. I make a new Christmas ornament every year for my children so when they get married and have their own first Christmas they will have many memories to fill their tree.

  9. My children love when we go to the local drive-through lights. I can remember doing this as a kid and I always waited for it, too. Now, I make my husband drive so I can gawk. : )

  10. The newest 'tradition' in our family is after Santa my boys pick out their own ornament- with no direction from me- that they have personalized with their name/year. This year we will have an ambulance and giraffe grace our tree!

  11. My favorite holiday song is "Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth" by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.

  12. My favorite song is Little Drummer Boy. I love making and eating peanutbutter balls with my family :)

  13. We go shopping after Christmas to Hallmark for the 50 percent off sale...but it is all Christmas! But I do love celebrating with my family the most!

  14. Thanks for the freebie and a great post! We will be at Disney the same time. We are leaving on Christmas Eve and spending 7 days---I am oh so excited!
    More Than Math by Mo

  15. I love candy canes! Can't get enough of them.

  16. I love the Elf on the Shelf movie! Can you believe I had some skeptical Kindergarteners? This movie helped a lot and it only lasts 25 minutes!

  17. My three boys and I love decorating our living room tree with all of our hand made ornaments!

  18. I love watching everyone rush around the mall like crazy people knowing I don't have to join in. People go nuts at Christmas time. :-)

  19. We love making our own class ornaments using broken crayons, glass bulbs, and a hair dryer. The kids get to pick the colors and then take home the ornaments at our Christmas party. They love watching the colors mix together and see how their ornament will turn out!

  20. Here is a link to my favourite holiday book:

  21. I love visiting with my family! This year there will be a new family member. Our first grandchild is due any day now. The most exciting part is that it's a girl! We haven't had a girl in 53 years!

  22. I love spending time with my family and decorating the Christmas tree at my parents' house.
    Happy Holidays,
    Kindergarten To The Core

  23. Hi!

    This License to Chill packet looks sweet! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Happy Holidays.


  24. I love reading Christmas storied my students (as I did to my own children when they were younger). there is magic in Christmas, no matter the age of the child.

  25. I love the excitement on all of the kids faces as we count down how many more days until Christmas.

  26. I love pulling out all the Christmas ornaments and recalling the wonderful memories of the past, and adding new ones to create new memories :)

  27. My favorite Christmas CD is God With Us.

  28. I love listening to all the great Christmas music at church (husband is a singer and guitar player in the Praise band). I also like to listen to Christmas music on the radio.

  29. Love this time of year. My mom was born 5 min before Christmas on Christmas Eve. This time of year reminds me of her, I do miss her but she made Christmas a great memory.

  30. Love the lights and the decorating..... and the excuse to act like a kid for about a month!!

  31. I love spending time with my family and talking about old memories while making new ones.

  32. I love decorating my house and baking cookies. I also love the time with friends and family!