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Take a BITE out of RHYME and Winners Announced

One of the key skills that we teach in Kindergarten is rhyming.  I wanted to make some fun activities that I could use with my students and put in a literacy station or use in small group for intervention.

So I give you:


There are 6 DELICIOUS rhyming activities/stations that all have the theme of FOOD!

This product is 50% off for Monday ONLY and the TpT back to school sale is still going on so it's another super steal deal l!!! :)

 And now for the WINNERS of the Growing Giveaway!!!
Thank you so much to everyone that donated and entered in my 400 Follower Giveaway!  I hope that you found some great new stores to follow! 

The winners are down below for each prize package.  You will get an email from me this evening. :)

Math Product Winner: Andrea Lee

Science/Social Studies Winner: Rachel

Language Arts Winner: Lori Raines

Back to School Winner: Lori Raines (again)

Congrats to you all!!! :)

Thanks again everyone,
Christina Mauro

Growing Giveaway Day 4 - Back to School Products

Today is the last day of my Growing Giveaway!  I hope you have entered to win all the great products this week that have been donated by some very generous teachers.  If not go do it now - all the rafflecopters stop tonight at midnight! (she said in her nicest teacher voice)

So today we have our Back To School products!  I know that some of you have already started back at school but these are still wonderful products that you don't want to miss out on!

Today ALL my TpT products are on sale and they are extra off because of the TpT Back to School Sale! 28% You can't beat that! Remember to use the Promo Code BTS13

I have a brand new product that I made with my dear friend Erin Waters from The Watering Hole. She is an incredible first grade teacher at my school.  Erin has a brand new blog, and just started her TpT store.  You seriously need to go check out her clipart and products - SO CUTE!!!

Erin and I collaborated and made a No, David product with Math and Literacy Activities!

The best part - since all my products at 50% off the first 24 hours and the TpT sale is going on you can get this product for a CRAZY deal!!!  Hurry though it won't last long!!! :)

Thank you so much to those that have stopped by this week.  I hope that you have found some great new teachers to follow on TpT and Facebook. 

I want to thank all the teachers that generously donated to help out with this giveaway! 

Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Good Luck,
Christina Mauro

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Growing Giveaway Day 3 - Language Arts

Who doesn't love free stuff?!?  Well today we have the Language Arts Giveaway!!!

All of my Language Arts products are 20% off at my TpT store - even the Bundles!

I also JUST finished my Mark My Word product and it's 50% off today only!!!

Come back tomorrow for the last day - it's going to be EPIC!!! :)

Good Luck,

Christina Mauro

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Growing Giveaway Day 2 - Science/Social Studies Products

Day two are you excited?!?  Here are some lovely products you can enter to win today:

I have also put my Science/Social Studies products on sale for 20% off!

Here are just a few:

If you didn't enter to win the Math products go to yesterday's post to enter.

Good Luck!

Christina Mauro

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A peek at my room!

I have been working in my room the past few days and have gotten A LOT accomplished, yet I feel like there is still SO much to do! Phew! I was really excited to use some new word wall headers that Christina made. She was nice enough to make them in Zaner Bloser and D'Nealian, the font my new school district uses. They are adorable black and white polka dot and have the upper and lower case letters on them, which I think is great. They also have pictures to reference what sound goes with each letter. I especially love that the vowels have a short and long sound picture to go with them! So the letter "Aa" has an apple for the short a sound and an acorn for the long a sound. Genius! I also went a little crazy with the borders that are being sold at Michaels...oops. I found black and white polka dot border to line the word wall with so I made a bulletin board looking space on a blank wall in my room.

I started by cutting and laminating Christina's word wall cards, then I used white scrap book paper (12x12) to section off where each letter would go. Then I used black electrical tape to define the boxes for each letter. (I like definition so all the words don't look like they run together) After this step, I then used the polka dot border to section the area off. I am deciding if I want to just write the words or tape typed words. And as you can see from the picture below, I also haven't decided where I want to add in the last two stragglers...y and z.

 You can find the word wall cards here:

I also found these adorable name plates at Target...24 tags in a pack for $1. And I am going to try a table behavior system this year for things like cleaning up supplies, pushing in chairs, working quietly, coming to and from the carpet correctly etc. I found these "Bravo Boards" on Teachers Pay Teachers as a freebie and each table has one. If a table is doing a great job, a student will color in/mark one box. Once they have 3 boxes marked, the table will get a reward. We'll see how it goes!

I also hung laminated bus di-cuts on the wall near my door to write bus numbers on and the kids that ride each bus. Just thought it would look cute and be a reminder to me of who rides what bus!

That's all I can share for now because despite the progress I have made, my room still feels like a disaster zone!! Or more nicely put, a work in progress :)
Stephanie :)

Growing Giveaway Day 1 - Math Products

Today's prize package is all about Math!!!

There are over 20 products that you can enter to win! The rafflecopter is down at the bottom of this post. :)

I have also put all my math products on sale for 20% off today!!!

Here are a few products you can get for a discount:


Make sure you come back tomorrow for a chance to win some fabulous Science/Social Studies products!!!

Christina Mauro

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{Over} 400 TpT Followers - 4 Day Growing Giveaway!!!

Yay!  I have over 400 Followers on TpT so it must be time for another giveaway!!!  This one is a little bit different than the ones I've done before.

Starting tomorrow there will be a rafflecopter for you to enter to win some fabulous Math products that have been donated by my TpT friends! :) On Friday there will be another rafflecopter that opens with Science/Social Studies products. Saturday we have Language Arts and to finish up the giveaway we have some INCREDIBLE Back to School products.  It is a growing giveaway!

Make sure you come back tomorrow to enter!  Good Luck and thanks for helping me celebrate!  You guys are the best! :)

Christina Mauro

Moving on up! First Grade Frenzy!

Hello all!

I know it seems like I have been on hiatus, but a lot has been going on this summer! I will actually be moving schools (out of the area from last years school) and grades this coming school year.

I will be teaching first grade this year! I have been working on my room and will have to post some before and after pictures when I get the chance. I know you all understand how busy this time gets, and technically I am working earlier than the normal report date!

So our blog will remain the same, however there will be some kindergarten and FIRST grade materials and sharing going on. As we know, some K students excel and are in need of first grade work and some first grade students enter first grade still needing some support at the K level, so we can still provide a lot of sharing, ideas and knowledge for the K and first grade levels :)

On another note, I am still seeing items I want to add to my classroom closet in the stores.

I found these great Scholastic DVDs of popular books being read at Walmart for only $5 each!! Christina had a set of several (directly from Scholastic I believe) that I borrowed last year and these are the same ones, minus a few maybe. Great buy considering each DVD has 3-4 stories...for $5 each!!!

Also, I would love to hear from anyone that might be using the Daily Five in their classrooms for K or first grade! I would like to try it this year in first, but did literacy stations last year in K. If anyone has feedback on using the Daily Five or suggestions for getting started please let me know :)


Teacher Week: Day 2 Classroom Digs

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' again and today is going to be fantastic!!!

 I worked super hard in my classroom today so I could give you some GREAT pictures!

I'm going to start with my Class Helpers Chart that after seeing this idea on Pinterest I just had to try!


I have always just used pocket charts for my jobs but this was too cute not to pass up.  I put this on my bathroom door and I think it turned out wonderful!

If you are interested in purchasing the cards I used click the picture about to go to my TpT store to purchase them.

So now that I've got that out of the way here's the rest of my room.

 This is my closet and cubby area of the room.  The boys and girls get their own closet and the cubby system will have their names once I get them in a few weeks.

This is my sink area.  I also have a lot of "teacher" supplies since I decided not to have a desk again this year.  I also put my station chart about the sink.

Here's a close up of my Literacy Station side of my chart.  The student pictures will get added in after the first day of school.  The Math Stations go on the reverse side.  I LOVE this chart!!!

This is going to be my Word Study Station.  There is a pocket chart and a magnetic easel for the students to work at.

On the reverse side of the word study station I have my listening stationing.  I haven't check out the actual listening station yet but it will go on the floor.

Here are the headphones for the two students, a station sign and I Can Poster.

This is the beginning on my organization of my literacy and math small group "stuff."  Still needs some work.

Here is more teacher stuff and the book baskets that will have leveled books for the students.

This is my pocket chart station.  I will mostly have the students do sorts in this station.

These tubs are going to be used for my math stations.  I set up a take and go math station time. I'll blog more about this at another time once the kids have been trained.

My writing station is all set up!!!  There are word cards and I Can posters up for the students to reference.

This is my Poetry (Poetree) Station.  This station will primarily be used for DeeDee Wills' Poetry Stations!  If you haven't checked them out they are AMAZING!!!!

My games and puzzles are stored here on this bookcase.

My big book station - all the big books are stored inside the easel.

 This is my lovely chair that I received as an end of the year gift my first year of teaching.  My classroom library is along the two walls and my reading bulliten board to hold anchor charts from Kim Adist and Michele Scannell.

Another shot of the library.  This section has books organized by author.

This board will have my daily calendar and holds all the classroom supplies - journals, scissors, glue etc.

Here are my teacher resources and buckets for the kids' math and science/social studies interactive notebooks.

I'm still waiting for my tables in my room.  They have ordered my some colorful tables like I had last year!  So I'll post pictures once I get them! :)

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my room.  I still have a few weeks before we start back so there will be changes and more organization!

Make sure you go over to Blog Hoppin and check out other teacher's fabulous rooms!

Christina Mauro