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Teacher Week: Day 2 Classroom Digs

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' again and today is going to be fantastic!!!

 I worked super hard in my classroom today so I could give you some GREAT pictures!

I'm going to start with my Class Helpers Chart that after seeing this idea on Pinterest I just had to try!


I have always just used pocket charts for my jobs but this was too cute not to pass up.  I put this on my bathroom door and I think it turned out wonderful!

If you are interested in purchasing the cards I used click the picture about to go to my TpT store to purchase them.

So now that I've got that out of the way here's the rest of my room.

 This is my closet and cubby area of the room.  The boys and girls get their own closet and the cubby system will have their names once I get them in a few weeks.

This is my sink area.  I also have a lot of "teacher" supplies since I decided not to have a desk again this year.  I also put my station chart about the sink.

Here's a close up of my Literacy Station side of my chart.  The student pictures will get added in after the first day of school.  The Math Stations go on the reverse side.  I LOVE this chart!!!

This is going to be my Word Study Station.  There is a pocket chart and a magnetic easel for the students to work at.

On the reverse side of the word study station I have my listening stationing.  I haven't check out the actual listening station yet but it will go on the floor.

Here are the headphones for the two students, a station sign and I Can Poster.

This is the beginning on my organization of my literacy and math small group "stuff."  Still needs some work.

Here is more teacher stuff and the book baskets that will have leveled books for the students.

This is my pocket chart station.  I will mostly have the students do sorts in this station.

These tubs are going to be used for my math stations.  I set up a take and go math station time. I'll blog more about this at another time once the kids have been trained.

My writing station is all set up!!!  There are word cards and I Can posters up for the students to reference.

This is my Poetry (Poetree) Station.  This station will primarily be used for DeeDee Wills' Poetry Stations!  If you haven't checked them out they are AMAZING!!!!

My games and puzzles are stored here on this bookcase.

My big book station - all the big books are stored inside the easel.

 This is my lovely chair that I received as an end of the year gift my first year of teaching.  My classroom library is along the two walls and my reading bulliten board to hold anchor charts from Kim Adist and Michele Scannell.

Another shot of the library.  This section has books organized by author.

This board will have my daily calendar and holds all the classroom supplies - journals, scissors, glue etc.

Here are my teacher resources and buckets for the kids' math and science/social studies interactive notebooks.

I'm still waiting for my tables in my room.  They have ordered my some colorful tables like I had last year!  So I'll post pictures once I get them! :)

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my room.  I still have a few weeks before we start back so there will be changes and more organization!

Make sure you go over to Blog Hoppin and check out other teacher's fabulous rooms!

Christina Mauro

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