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A peek at my room!

I have been working in my room the past few days and have gotten A LOT accomplished, yet I feel like there is still SO much to do! Phew! I was really excited to use some new word wall headers that Christina made. She was nice enough to make them in Zaner Bloser and D'Nealian, the font my new school district uses. They are adorable black and white polka dot and have the upper and lower case letters on them, which I think is great. They also have pictures to reference what sound goes with each letter. I especially love that the vowels have a short and long sound picture to go with them! So the letter "Aa" has an apple for the short a sound and an acorn for the long a sound. Genius! I also went a little crazy with the borders that are being sold at Michaels...oops. I found black and white polka dot border to line the word wall with so I made a bulletin board looking space on a blank wall in my room.

I started by cutting and laminating Christina's word wall cards, then I used white scrap book paper (12x12) to section off where each letter would go. Then I used black electrical tape to define the boxes for each letter. (I like definition so all the words don't look like they run together) After this step, I then used the polka dot border to section the area off. I am deciding if I want to just write the words or tape typed words. And as you can see from the picture below, I also haven't decided where I want to add in the last two stragglers...y and z.

 You can find the word wall cards here:

I also found these adorable name plates at Target...24 tags in a pack for $1. And I am going to try a table behavior system this year for things like cleaning up supplies, pushing in chairs, working quietly, coming to and from the carpet correctly etc. I found these "Bravo Boards" on Teachers Pay Teachers as a freebie and each table has one. If a table is doing a great job, a student will color in/mark one box. Once they have 3 boxes marked, the table will get a reward. We'll see how it goes!

I also hung laminated bus di-cuts on the wall near my door to write bus numbers on and the kids that ride each bus. Just thought it would look cute and be a reminder to me of who rides what bus!

That's all I can share for now because despite the progress I have made, my room still feels like a disaster zone!! Or more nicely put, a work in progress :)
Stephanie :)


  1. Looks great! Where did you get the great polka dot border? Was it at Michaels or somewhere else. I want to use a polka dot theme this year and that looks great! Thanks!

    Reading and Writing Redhead

  2. Thanks! Yes, I got it from Michaels! They had a few other colors of polka dot as well.
    Stephanie :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't know they had techer stuff! Yay!

    2. Ps I know I had a typo but my iPad wouldn't let me click there to fix it. Oh well!