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Teacher Week '13: Let's Talk About Me!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week 2013!!!  How Exciting!!!

Here's the schedule of all the topics that will be shared this week!

Today's topic - Let's Talk About Me!  So here we go . . .

1. I'm going to be celebrating 5 years of marriage in October!  I've known my husband since 7th grade.  We actually met on the school bus going to middle school!

2. We have two fur babies - Sawyer (puggle) and Noelle (minpin rescue dog)

3. We have two adorable children Gina (3) and Anthony (1 1/2)

4. We just got back from a trip to Ocean City, MD which was CRAZY!!!  Gina = so good! Anthony = TROUBLE!!!  If we were on the beach all he wanted to do was be in the waves and then fall in the sand! I need a vacation from vacation!

5. This goes with Anthony and trouble!  So this is the purchase we had to make at the beach:

WOW a new TV- how awesome right?!? NOPE!!! We had to buy this to replace the one that he decide to hit with a controller! :( :( :(

6. My bestest friend is getting married in December and I'm one of the matrons of honor!!!  So exciting!!!

7. I taught summer school this past summer which I hadn't done in years...since before kids!  It was great!!!  Hopefully I'll do it again next summer!

8.  I'm working like a crazy person trying to set up my new classroom.  I was in a much smaller room last year and I got an opportunity to move into a HUGE room and I jumped on it! :) Hopefully I'll get a TON done tomorrow so I can give you a nice tour!

9. I'm watch WAAAAY more TV than I should.  I love True Blood, Dexter, Big Brother, and all the crime shows (CSI, Criminal Minds etc.)

10. I am also over addicted to making stuff for my classroom and TpT!  It goes hand in hand with number 9.  I turn on prime time TV (after kids are in bed) and I just create while I watch TV.  Time unfortunately flies by and I'm up way later than I should be most nights.  At least it's still summer for me!!! :)

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see some pics of my classroom!!! 

Christina Mauro :)


  1. I didn't know you liked Big Brother! We are sooo excited to catch up on our episodes tomorrow :)

  2. I love all of your stuff: TPT, facebook, and your blog! Thanks so much for sharing everything. You inspire me :)