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January Fun and a {FREEBIE}

Last week was a busy week. Even though we had 1 "snow day" and 2 days with delays.  Those short weeks are always the longest!

We started our Winter Math and Literacy Stations and they are a HIT!  The kids loooove when the theme changes and this month was no exception.

I snapped a few pictures to show you what we are working on. :)

Winter Ordinals - The students put the cards in order based on the card they choose.   If you want to try this activity out with your students then go download my Winter Sports Ordinals for FREE!

For this activity the students figure out which number is missing by looking at the numbers before and after.

 Can't go wrong with number puzzles.  They love to put all the puzzles next to each other to make one really big picture.

 Sequencing numbers from 0-20.  They are really getting fast at this activity.  Might be time to bump it up to 30 next month. ;)

 Super cute Roll & Cover games.  Sometimes they play against each other and other times they each take a board and see who can fill their board first.

 Working with base ten blocks.  This has been a tricky station but using the unifex cubes has helped a ton! :)

Working with medial vowels. My students needed a little reference guide when doing this activity so I made a little helper that you can download for FREE. by clicking the picture below.

We are really working on those CVC words so I brought out some more playdoh mats for them to do.  They love it! :)

And of course we have our Math Write the Room - my favorite! The kids just love walking around the room and seeing what cards are up.  For this activity they are counting the pictures and writing the amount.

Less than 1 day left to grab the bundle from Educents!  There are soooo many goodies in this bundle. Click below to go see what's included! :)

Christina Mauro

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  1. Thank you ladies for the wonderful freebie! My students need more work on ordinal numbers and I know this will be a fitting math station activity that they will enjoy!
    I is for Inspire