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The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

I LOVE this book by Shirley Neitzel! It's great because after reading it whole group the kids really love re-reading it over and over again!

I have NO clue where I got this project but we did it last year and it was such a hit that I had to do it again this year.

We do this project a step at a time. Having the students start at the hat and color it one color. Then the scarf has to be a different color and so on and so forth.

Then once our adorable little snow people are colored we open the flaps and write our sentences:

Such a fun project...especially since currently the snow is falling and we are now off school tomorrow and probably Friday as well! :)

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So I told you we moved so here's another Pinterest inspired project that the hubby and I did:

We don't have a headboard on our bed and this wall was just HUGE and so bare.  So we went to Ikea and got a couple picture ledges. A few holes later we have the space filled in better.

 Here is my accent artichoke LOL. I just love the color with the coral and brown of our bed set.

 The dogs (or kids) messed up the pillows but don't the color just look amazing!

Got a few new lamps and added some pictures and it's bliss!  Minus the creepy teacher nutcracker - AHHHHHH!!! :) My husband thought it was funny putting it up there.

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Happy Wednesday,
Christina Mauro


  1. Love that book! That activity looks fun!


  2. Thanks for the opportunity. I would love any of your write the room packs.

  3. I love the bedroom! It looks great. The artichoke accent is my favorite :)
    I would love:, or really anything! I love all that you do!!!

  4. Hi- I would love your (CVC word pack)