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Summer School

So I'm SUPER jealous of everyone that's in Vegas right now but I am teaching summer school and we started this week!  I have 9 wonderful little children who are going in to first grade next year and there are two of us in the classroom!  Too bad we can't have numbers like that during the school year. :)

During morning meeting we are trying to keep the kids excited about books so we have wrapped up a book for everyday!  The kids get to come up and pull a piece of paper out of a bag.  All but one are blank papers but one of them says "Unwrap the book."  The student that picks that paper gets to come up and open the package!

This week we are reading Mo Willams books - the kids are SO excited!

We are reinforcing their writing skills by writing in a journal daily.  Check out Madeline's perfect handwriting! :)

For reading we are using LLI (Leveled Literacy Instruction.)  Most of the kids are reading at the same level so I have to do 3 groups of the same book back to back!!!  I'm sooooo glad it's not like that during the school year - BORING! For me but not for them - they LOVE it!

De'Marcus and I did a sort with some S and T words and pictures.

Our summer school is only 3 weeks but I can tell that it's going to be so beneficial for these kiddos.  I'm so glad that they are there and that I'm there with them.  Even if I'm missing ALL the fun in Vegas!

And I just have to add that Gina started Summer Camp too!  It's her first "school" experience.  She'll be at the same school for pre-school next year and I thought camp would be a great transition!  Here she is with her backpack and lunch box on the first day!

And this is her in her classroom - no tears and she just jumped right in - LOVE HER!!!

Christina Mauro

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