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CVC Words Educents Deal

How cool is this CVC product from Sommer Pride!

I used this with some of my students during literacy stations.  For this activity they were to roll the die and right the word depending upon what they rolled.

 For this next part there are sound boxes for the students to isolate the sounds they hear and write them into the boxes.

Then for this last part the students focused on just one of the words.  They had to trace the word, write the word and then cut and paste.

They LOVED this activities!  I can't wait to use more!  If you want a real deal then head over to Educents where you can get this product and 19 more for a real deal! Only $30 for 20 products!

Right now you can get 20% off and earn 10% back but don't forget to use the code EDUCENTS20

Christina Mauro

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