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Planning ahead . . .

We've got parent-teacher conferences going on this week so no fun posts with what's going on this week in my room until later in the week.

But...I am excited to announce that I finished up my Gingerbread Math and Literacy Stations this past weekend:

I'm not so good with this previews but I wanted to show what's included.  This is my new favorite product!!!

There are 6 Literacy Stations and 14 Math Stations! :) I can't wait to use this with my class next month!  We are also going to be learning about Holidays Around the World and I already have something in the works that I hope you are going to LOVE!

For my blog readers ;) I'm going to put this product 10% for the rest of the night (11/4/13) A little treat for those that like to plan ahead like me.

Christina Mauro

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