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November Box of Projects

We have had "off" Monday and Tuesday to have parent teacher conferences but today I got a chance to go through my November box and pick out some goodies to do with my class this year!

Unfortunately with this month being so short (due to conferences and thanksgiving) we won't get too all these but I still wanted to share. So here you go:

Ok so this one isn't a project. Lol bits my teepee!  Isn't it awesome?!?  I made this over 10 years ago and I love putting it up in my reading station during the month of November. I can't wait to see the look on the kids faces tomorrow. :)

Here is a cute little squirrel that we are going to make next week while learning about them!

We also make this cute little puppet and sing the "grey squirrel" song. Can't wait to see the students shake their bushy tails!

Notice a theme?!?  We do a huge unit on squirrels in my county so for this activity we will take a wall outside and look for "dreys" and collect some leaves and sticks. Then we make out own dreys in the classroom. 

These were paintings we did in art class ages ago. The students got to paint pilgrims and native Americans. So adorable!

These are our pilgrim hats. The students make these are wear them to our school feast!

Here's a cute little teepee!

They use these symbols to draw on their teepees!

We made these cute little pilgrims last year too. Is love to make them again...we'll see how much time we have. 

So for Veteran's Day last year we made an American Flag and this adorable Veteran form Deanna Jumps unit.

Veteran's Day Math and Literacy Activities

I must have put this little guy in the wrong box :( Last year we made Big Green Monsters. But this year I completely forgot. :(

Dan Dan the Flying Man....We did this project last year when we did the -an family.

Here's a "stick game" that we teach our kids how to play with tongue depressors.

And lastly our Thanksgiving card that we make for our parents :)

Hope you enjoyed all the November fun in Kindergarten! 

Christina Mauro

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  1. I was wondering if you would share your Dan the Flying Man craft and book. Thanks!