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Addition Subtraction Math Station {FREEBIE}

A math station that I have used for a better part of the year is my Addition and Subtraction Math Matches.  The students pull out the header cards which are large numbers 2-10 and place them at the top of the table.  Then they go through a stack of cards and sort them under the correct answer.

My students LOVE this station!  I have changed the theme about 20 times to go with the holidays or units of study.  They even started requesting certain themes like ninjas and dinosaurs.  They race against each other to see who can do more math problems correctly!  It's amazing how when you turn things into a game how much the students can stay engaged and on task.  Do you have any fun kindergarten (or other grade level) games that you play that your students LOVE?  If so please comment below and share. :)

Here is my Community Helper themed Math Match for FREE!!!  Just click the link to go grab a copy through Google Docs.  I hope that you and your students enjoy it! 



  1. This is darling! Thanks so much!

  2. You are so welcome. Thanks for leaving a comment. :)

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  3. Love them....moving on to community helpers after Thanksgiving!

  4. This is such a cute activity! Sure to keep their interest! Thank you so much:)