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Kindergarten Fun with Syllables

One standard that our kindergartners have to learn is syllables.  I made this cute line of products called "Say it, Clap it, Sort it."  It is exactly what it's called.

I put this is in my games and puzzles literacy station in my classroom.  The kids chose which theme they want to play (I usually have a couple for them to choose from depending upon what we are learning about.)

There are headers that say 1 Syllable, 2 Syllables etc.  The kids take turns choosing a card, saying it out loud, clapping the parts, and then sorting it under the correct heading.  What a great way to make syllables fun in kindergarten. 

Here are some of my students doing a syllable sort for Fairy Tales:

If you would like to give this station a try, click the picture below to go download a Fairy Tale version for free.

Christina :)

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