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Fraction Kindergarten Fun!

Over the past two weeks we have been talking about fractions. Our curriculum involves teaching halves and fourths. We talked about fractions being parts of something that are equal or the same size. I had the kids each draw something and then we folded and cut their drawings in half and pasted it onto a writing prompt that said _____________ has one half of a ______________. They enjoyed doing this and it really helped them see that cutting something into halves means there are two pieces that are the same in size. They were able to put both pieces of their drawing together to see that they fit together and were the same size.

I then laminated and made them into a book. The kids LOVE to look at class books and I know that I am going to do as many as I can next school year. They like to see their work and their classmates' work, and it reinforces the curriculum! This made fractions in kindergarten fun! 

We also made another project during the week after a lesson on fourths. I used chewy Chips Ahoy cookies and broke students up into groups of 4. I told them they needed to figure out how to cut their cookie (with a plastic knife) to give each person an equal share. Then we talked about fourths. To follow up we made a cookie project with a prompt shown below. The students chose to cut their cookies in half or in fourths and then wrote who they shared with. And of course anything involving a chocolate chip cookie is kindergarten fun!
Stephanie :)

Here are some of the pages the students made for the fraction book:

 And the students looking at their class fraction book:
These are the two example cookie projects:

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