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Fathers Day Kindergarten Fun

As Father's Day is approaching (and we still have school two days leading up to that weekend), I started thinking about gifts my kids could make for their dads. I wanted it to be a "useful" gift, but also something that let the kids use their creativity. What better way to keep making kindergarten fun than to make something for someone you love?

I finally decided on something the kids could personalize for their dads, but would also be useful...bookmarks! I first made large cut outs of the letters "D" and "A" to take pictures of the kids spelling out DAD to put on the book marks. The book marks were made on various poster board colors and the students colored and put stickers to decorate them. Then I had them glue their pictures on and had them laminated. We added a final touch by hole punching the tops and letting the kids choose a ribbon to tie on. (I scrap book and had a TON of ribbon remnants to choose from)

And voila! Kindergarten fun for fathers day!

We also made cute shirt and tie cards that turned out great! I found the idea on Pinterest. The students LOVED decorating their cards and especially loved when I gave them the idea to draw things in the shirt pocket like pens, phones etc.We used scrapbook paper for the ties and some of the kids wanted to use their scraps to decorate the rest of the shirt.
 Here is how to make the cards:

Stephanie :)

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