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Introducing.....Write the Room and a FREEBIE

Last year my FAVORITE literacy station by far was write the room. It looks like it's going to be again this year!  I started "training" today in small groups.  Basically I called about 4 students over while the rest were at stations and gave them a clipboard and the first response sheet.  They were already excited because they got to use clipboards! :)

I showed them that ALL over the room were these adorable school kids with words and pictures on them.

The paper that we used today just said to write any words that you find so they didn't have to look for particular words....yet!

So the task was to find and write 12 words.  They were seriously so excited!  A couple students kept coming up to me after every word, "Look Mrs. Mauro - I found the word red."  "Now I found backpack."  They were so stinkin' cute!!!

The BEST part about my write the rooms is that they are all ready to differentiate and they can last an entire month.  Most of them have 10 different response sheets that you can use with the same cute pictures to hang around your room.

If you are interested in trying out one of my write the rooms for free - then check out my Pirate Write the Room on TpT - it's FREE!!! Click below to go grab it up. ;)

I also have a TON of Write the Rooms available on TpT.  We are currently using my Back to School one.

Hope you enjoy the freebie!  Happy Thursday!


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  1. I tried to get the free pirate write the room but it was not free