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Math Stations in Kindergarten

I've been very anxious to start math stations this year.  My kiddos are still learning how to use the chart for literacy stations and I didn't want to add more confusion, but I really needed to get them started.

So I set up the chart and went for it. . .

I'll be training them for a few weeks on where to go and what to do but overall it was a great success! I bought the tubs from Target and Really Good Stuff and they are just perfect! The students look at the chart and they go get the tub that matches and go to their destination around the room:

I double up the literacy and math station locations.  The literacy station is on top and the math on the bottom.  If you are interested in the math and literacy stations cards that I use they can be found here:

Last year I used the numbers 1-12 for my math stations and that worked ok but I found that the same stations had the same skill for most of the year.  So this year I decided to use the skill name as the station.  So basically number sense station will always be there but the theme and games can change to fit what we are learning.

Here are some examples of our "starter" stations:

The number writing station is from Lakeshore. The students love using dry erase markers to practice writing their numbers.  The Roll & Cover and Number Puzzles are from my Back to School Math Stations - I have discounted them and all my September products for you this weekend!!! :)

The number sense activity is my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Number Sense 1-10 (we are only using 1-5 right now). Patterns is also part of my Back to School Stations. The sorts I've blogged about before and are my Shape Sorts and All Sorts of Things.

So I've put all my September Stuff 20% off even my All Things Back to School which is 348 pages of all kinds of Kindergarten Fun for only $32.00!!! :) Check it out!

 Do you use math stations in your classroom?  If so leave me a comment and let me know your favorite station?

Have a great weekend,
Christina :)

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