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Writing Workshop and Literacy Stations - The Beginning

We started our writer's workshop today.  I am using Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump's Writing Workshop model this year.

Writing Through the Year Unit 1 {Aligned with Common Core}

I modeled my writing for the students

and then they had a go

They did really great for the first day!

We also introduced our literacy station chart!  I wanted to wait a few weeks but with 27 students running all over the room I needed to take control!!!

The majority of the stations are more like centers at this point.  They are just learning to work with a partner and use the chart.

I made my own cards this year to match the stations that I use.  I made literacy and math ones that are available at mt TpT store if you would like to purchase them:

Work Station Cards - Literacy & Math

Here are a few stations/centers we are doing this week:

Here are my Brown Bear Playdoh Mats.  Students use the Playdoh to form the letters.

My new Aquadoodle mat!!!  I LOVE this.  Right now the students are drawing pictures with WATER but soon they will work on letters and words.  The best part - the water dries and the mat is back to white! AMAZING!

Art/Drawing - This student made a lovely self-portrait .

 Writing Station - kids used pre-made books to write or draw pictures in.

Big Book Station - retelling Brown Bear

Poetry Station - We are working on The Name Chant Poem from Deedee Wills August and September Poetry Station.

They did pretty good for the first day of stations.  I was much happier given them all a place to work.  Reading the chart is definitely going to take some time. :)

Happy Tuesday,
Christina Mauro


  1. Everything looks amazing and fun! Thanks for sharing all your ideas. I want to be in your class :)

  2. This is awesome -- I am so excited to vicariously follow my granddaughter in your class. Thank you so much for your time and energy doing this!!! Have a fabulous school year!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad that I can share with you what's going on in our class this year! :)