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Shapes are Everywhere!

A huge unit we do in the beginning of Kindergarten for math and science is shapes.  Most of the kids know the basic shapes - circle, square, triangle and rectangle. 

We like to kick it up a notch and make some shape pictures.  These are pictures of things that are in the environment. 

We start by reading the big book - What's the Shape? This book has wonderful illustrations of shapes that we see everyday.

After we read the book we made an anchor chart - a little short because we had a fire drill!

After that we got to work on our own shape pictures!  The directions were to choose a shape from above and they were given that shape of manilla paper to work on as their work space.  Then using scraps of paper they had to create something in that shape.  No crayons or pencils - just scissors, ripping paper, and lots of glue. :)

In the past I have down this project in small groups of maybe 4-5 students - not this year!!!  I decided to go whole group!  I was expecting it to be INSANE - but truth be told - they did AMAZING!  

Here are a few examples of the pictures that they were working on:

 Above is the beginning of a present and a slice of pizza.

 A delicious looking donut with sprinkles and all.

A rocky mountain.

A train.
A picture frame.

This student used the triangle as a sail for his boat.

And this is a super plane!
I've actually never had students "use" the manilla shape as part of the project before. I was so proud of all of them.  They worked so hard and I can't wait to put them up in the classroom.


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  1. Wow! This looks really neat. I do something similar with the kids making shape pictures but I like that you have them pick the shape of their work-space first. I'm going to revamp my activity to include that. Thanks for the cute idea!!

    Shifting Teacher K-2

  2. Christin,
    You are so welcome! I used to put some of the pictures on a tree pocket chart and called it our "Geome-tree" I'm glad you liked the idea. :)