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Sorts Galore

We are working on the letters B and R this week.  So all week long we have talked about how to make these letters and the sounds that they make.  On Wednesday we did a whole group sort in the pocket chart and then added it to our pocket chart station.  We worked on M and S last week so the kids have lots of pictures they can sort out.

On Friday we use the same pictures that we introduced in whole group and do a little flip book.  Right now I have the kids color in a couple of the pictures to keep working on those fine motor skills and then they cut, sort and glue.  This is only the 2nd week we have done this and they were already pros.

These activities are out of my Flip Books, Pocket Chart Cards, and more B and R:

We are also sorting in math right now.  We are learning to sort by colors and shapes.  So on Thursday we split the kids into three groups and they worked on different sorts at each table.

At one table they sorted real life objects by shape:

The pictures come from my Shape Sorting: Mats and Pictures:

At another table they worked on sorting real life objects by colors:

These sorts are from my Color Sorting: Mats and Pictures:

Color Sorting - Mats & Pictures

And at the third table we worked on sorting by shapes, and colors:

We even took it to a new level and sorted by the color of the frame and not just the color of the shape on the picture cards.

All of these activities are going to go into math stations that I'm planning on introducing next week. 

This last groups of sorts also includes letters and numbers that I haven't shown them yet.  They are all part of my All Sorts of Things:

All SORTS of Things

It's been a busy week of sorting in my class this week!

Hope everyone has a great weekend,
Christina :)

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