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October Box of Projects

When I first started teaching 12 years ago I started organizing all my files and projects into monthly boxes.  They are just the boxes left after you take all the reams of paper out of the copy room.  They aren't pretty but they have kept all my treasures.

So since October starts tomorrow it was time to go through my box and see which projects I wanted to pull out from years past to do again.  While I was going through I decided to snap a few pictures to share with you in case you wanted to use them in your classroom.

So let the projects and pictures begin:
This is a paper bag fall tree.  The students will make this tree step by set and add their tissue paper leaves in the colors of fall.  This project is a keeper for sure. :)
 This pumpkin writing paper is something I created when I taught first grade.  I took all the pumpkins and hung them up in the hall and connected them with green "vines." It was super cute!

 This is a super cute project that I did when I first started teaching kindergarten.  It just a white piece of paper that we marble painted with fall colors. The black paper was left over after using an Ellison Press for leaves.

This is from last year.  It goes along with the poem 5 Little Pumpkin Sitting on a Fence.  The pumpkins aren't glued down but instead rest in the grass.  This lets the students manipulate the pumpkins to retell the poem.

We made this Ben Franklin kite when I taught 1st grade. Check out the old clipart - wow things have come a long way in just a few years! :)  If you are interested in the template for the kite let me know and I'll try to post it for a freebie. The kids loved making this kite and key project.

 We made this cute jack-o-lanterns to hang around the classroom. Don't you love his teeth?!?

 Here is an adorable retelling of If You Take A Mouse to School.  The students made a little suitcase/lunchbox to glue their pictures in.

Another option for a fall tree.  The students used the edge of a sponge to paint the leaves on the tree.

 I think the kids made this "shape house" in art.  It is probably about 5 years old but still adorable.

This was another first grade project for the hallway.  The students wrote from the prompt "Fall is Fun."

I hope that you have enjoyed my little walk through my September box.  I'm sure as I go through my other files I'll find some more cute stuff to share!

Christina Mauro :)


  1. I would love to see the Ben Franklin activity posted as a freebie:) Thanks

  2. I would also like the Ben Franklin activity. Thank you :)!

  3. I would also like the Ben Franklin activity! Great idea!