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Classroom This and That with a FREEBIE

I gave a tour of my classroom before school started but there are a few things that I love that I'm doing this year that I wanted to share. 

First off the students were asked to bring headphones this year to use with the laptops that we have in the classroom.  Last year we had a few students bring them in and we kept them in ziploc bags - but it was a disaster.  Not happening this year! I bought an over the door shoe organizer from Target and added a few labels for the student's names and here you go!

 Here is a new shot of my writing station with my October Writing words.

Here are the I Can posters that came out of my October Writing Station.

You can get the writing station, October words, and a bunch of papers to fill your writing station with here:

 Our counting caterpillar! The students LOVE this.  They have already picked up that the caterpillar changes color after 10 days.

 So we do Calendar Math at my school but the counting they use is with paper clips.  I found it very difficult for the students to visualize the ten clips in a row.  So I came up with the idea of using these cute little guys.  I have a ten frame that I added Velcro squares to and everyday we add a new base ten block.  When the ten frame is full we trade in for a ten stick.  Much more visual for my students (and me.) Click the picture below to download this freebie :)

Christina Mauro :)

1 comment:

  1. I love your base 10 block people! So cute and such a great visual! I am bored with the idea I have been using for many years, so thanks for the great new idea!