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A Pod of Pictures

My school is set up in 4 Pods. Each pod has about 8 classes with a common area in the middle for projects and parents to work with students in small groups.  I was walking through my pod this week and was totally loving all the projects that my fellow podmates have up.  So I decided to share them with you.  Four of the classes are kindergarten and the other 5 are first grade.

Ok so this one isn't in the Pod but it's a 1st grade class that down the main hallway and everyday that I have passed her class I have to check out these socks.  They are working on skip counting and she hung a clothesline across the room and attached pairs of socks - genius!!!

These are some posters that she made in her classroom for skip counting.

 And these are even and odd candy corns decorating her door.

A unit first grade teaches in science is on leaves and Deciduous and Evergreen leaves.  Her students brought in leaves and she made this anchor chart.

 Here is a project to go along with the book Chrysanthemum.

 Some patterns on the other door.

Cute hallway decoration with Bats!!! :)

 Our Kindergarten Family Project - decorating a pumpkin.

 Labeling the parts of a tree. Check out the cute squirrels!

Fall poems.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I do everyday!

Christina Mauro :)

Oh and Facebook Frenzy starts tomorrow morning - so remember to go over to my facebook pages to get 44 - that's right 44 K-1 freebies that me and my Facebook peeps have made for you! :)

There is also a hop for grades 2-3 and 4-5 and I'll post a link on my Facebook page so you can check those ones out too!

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