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Pumpkin Seeds and Halloween Stations

In science this past week we have been learning about pumpkins.  I brought in a pumpkin and we measured with string to see how wide the pumpkin was.

We made an anchor chart with all of our strings.

We also estimated how many seeds we thought were inside our pumpkin.

Then we cut it open and counted the seeds.  The students had to group the seeds into groups of 10.  We ended up having 554 seeds!

This upcoming week we are going to be doing an adorable project on the life cycle of a pumpkin that I'll be sure to post pics of.

As far as stations go we are doing a lot of Halloween themed activities this week.  Here are a few:

Spooky Sounds - Ending sounds

Leafy Letters - sorting upper and lowercase letters

Labeling the Halloween pictures

 Rhyming Bananas -  I have a few friends that need some more work on rhyming so I've added this to our Puzzle Literacy Station

Ordering Candy Corns

 Sorts and Patterns

 Non Standard Measurement

These Halloween stations and more are all part of this product:

Christina Mauro

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