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Stations - We are Getting There!

I've been working on getting the students really working hard during literacy and math stations. We have been getting away from "just playing" and making the move to "learning." Now don't get me wrong - they are still playing but it's much more educational now.

So here are a few stations they worked on this past week:

Say it, Clap it, Sort it - Halloween Syllables literacy station - SO FUN!  There are Halloween headers and a bunch of pictures to sort.  There is a response paper to do when they finish but they didn't get to that this week.  They were having so much fun just "playing!"

Writing Station: They are labeling the picture.  This is still "Back to School" but next time there's a more timely paper.  The students are using the September Words to look for the pictures because they can't all read the words that are at the top of the worksheet.

Pocket Chart - We are working on the letters D and H this week so the students are working on sorting the cards into the tree chart.

Sorting and Patterns - Math Station

Library Station - I got these creepy witch fingers at Michaels and the students are loving pointing to the words.

Counting Station - Students are putting the apple cards in order and then writing the numbers in the apples.

My brand new Roll, Say, Keep game for MATH - they LOVE this game!

 Number Sense - Christopher Columbus!

The stations are so random with their themes right now because we have been "in training" for so long!  I really want them to know these stations before I change them out.

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Christina Mauro

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