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Word Family Fun

We introduced out first word family today in Kindergarten!  I know how exciting! 

 I started by choosing a marker and writing "at" all over the dry erase board.  Then I changed colors and we brainstormed words that end with -at.  They told me the words and the letter I needed to write to make the word.  Wasn't expected gnat! :)

Next I showed them an anchor chart that I quickly made this morning of a "house."  We talked about how a family has many members and this family was no exception.  I added the little "at" house to the top of the anchor chart and them introduced the family members.  We have the grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, brother and sister, and baby brother and baby sister.  Each work that we added to our chart was an -at word.

Then I had my fabulous paper passer pass out the paper for them to illustrate the words that could be illustrated. 

 For this first word family I gave them the printable with the words written but in the future I will have them choose some words and then draw pictures.

I'm going to wait until we have introduced another family and then I will add these cards into our pocket chart station for them to sort.

They were so excited to "meet the family!"

If you are interested in my Word Family Pocket Chart click the link below.  I'm going to discount it through the weekend ;)

Christina Mauro :)

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